Customer Excellence in Action!

Yesterday, I heard the most stunning example of customer excellence strategy right here in sunny Arizona. The award for the most creative approach to ensuring top-class service should go to JW Marriott.

The person I was talking, was hosting a large event at this excellent hotel. She and members of her team each got a key…yes you got that right, a key which came with the instruction that the guests were to give the key to whichever staff member delighted them with their service. And the staff member could go and redeem that key with his/her management for a cash award.

While most companies spend months doing satisfaction surveys and spending even more months analyzing the data, here is an excellent example of a business who rewards excellence right when it occurs. It creates healthy competition among the staff and encourages exceptional customer service. From what I heard, this hotel was heads and shoulders over all the other prestigious hotels in the Phoenix area in all aspects of customer service.


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