Small Biz: How to get your customers to rave about your products

I attended a great seminar hosted by Marketing Sherpa in SFO, good speakers lined up and one topic which I thought was very relevant was getting customers agreeing to case studies, success stories. This question comes up fairly frequently in all the marketing seminars that I have attended recently. How do you get customers to rave about you?

This is how I am putting the key lessons from the seminar to develop my database of case studies and success stories to ‘wow’ potential customers:

First step, go through your customer database and filter out the customers who aren’t happy with our services or products*
Step two, start a conversation with the customers who don’t seem overtly unhappy
Step three, based on their response, categorize them into prospects for case studies, success stories, testimonials, or just one liners/ short blurbs that can be used in marketing collatoral or on your website.

The bottomline is that not all your ‘positive’ customers may be willing to rave about you or your products. Some might be limited by corporate guidelines that prohibit them from endorsing your product or they are too busy to spend time evangelizing your products. However, it is essential not to lose hope but to be creative and come up with the best option for both your company and your customer.

I will keep you posted on how my project goes 🙂

* Don’t ignore the customers who are dissatisfied, follow up with them and use this opportunity to see if you can resolve their issues. Studies have shown that it is much easier to ‘delight’ a dissatisfied customer than a satisfied customers because the threshold for making a positive impact is much lower.


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