Marketing = Long-term Survival

I have seen too many ‘marketing’ job opportunities out there, which are just thinly veiled sales jobs. Marketing is NOT sales and for companies keen on surviving and even prospering over the next decade and beyond will do well to remember that.

Marketing is about future survival of the company, while Sales is about the present. Your sales team is focused on making the sale right now, as they should be, but marketing on the other hand is and should be concerned with the present and the future. A marketer’s primary goal should be to ensure future sustainability of the company’s products and she (or he) does that by constantly monitoring the customers, competitors, and the business environment. It matters if your product is selling well today but it’s even better if you can make sure it sells well tomorrow and day after.

Companies who make the mistake of focusing only on the present (sales) and don’t pay enough attention to the future (marketing) do so at their own peril.


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