Mashups – The next big thing?

Mashups originated in popular culture as mix-up of various songs. In the digital age, it refers to media joined together to create something different and interesting. Overlaying maps with interactive media has been one of the most popular versions of mashups. Others have been more creative. Hotcaptcha has used mashups to create a spam-proof level of security, using Hot or Not API. Here’s another interesting example on Steve Rubel’s Micropersuasion blog, where you can see your blog visitors on a Google map.

According to Forbes, over 30,000 people have downloaded the code to build mashups using Google maps. All three search giants as well Amazon and eBay are giving away code to encourage independent developers around the world create mashups based on their platform. Thanks to the alliance between Google and, mashups are also showing up in the business arena.

Here’s a cool mashup created by a student that visualizes similar products bought by customers on Amazon. Just imagine the possibilities…


One response to “Mashups – The next big thing?

  1. I agree that mashups are going to be the future. However, the interesting mashups are yet to come, especially in the enterprise arena. I think we will see some very innovative and truely game-changing mashups.

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