Stuck on Google Maps!

I am not a big fan of technology just for the sake of technology. I am a firm believer that technology must have a purpose. Its primary purpose is to make our life easier and funner (okay, I made that word up). In addition, it should help us live longer, make us look good, make us richer, et cetra…you get the gist.

I love Google Maps and here’s a cool feature that the geeks (you gotta love ’em) at Google have added to the Map to make our commute a little bit easier. For over 30 major cities (thankfully, I live in one of them), you can click on the traffic button to see up-to-date traffic conditions. Red is for stop-n-go traffic while green is for smooth sailing. Very cool!


GPS systems are great, except you have no real-time traffic information. When you’re stuck in traffic, everytime you think you are 10mins away from your destination, you find that even after an hour, according to your nifty GPS you are STILL 10mins away. But with this new feature, Google helps you avoid traffic or at least have a realistic expectation of when you will arrive at your destination.

Now only if they could strike a deal with the automakers, then maybe my next Subaru will have Google Positioning system with up-to-date traffic + gmail and other cool g-tools information. Now that’s progress!


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