Google Gadgets link to IBM Websphere Portal

eWeek reported that IBM recently linked Google Gadgets to its Websphere Portal. While this news is hardly ground-breaking, it does pave the way for Google to become a trusted enterprise partner. These gadgets and other similar codes are available for free on the Google site to anyone who wants to incorporate Google features into their website. However, having an endorsement by a name-brand corporation is powerful and as the article points out,

The IBM announcement gives Google another opportunity to put these information-services gadgets into the hands of corporate users as well as consumers visiting corporate Web sites.

This partnership will be a learning experience for both companies and will especially help Google understand how its products are being used in the corporate arena. Many remain skeptical about Google’s success in penetrating the enterprise market with its recent introduction of Google Apps Premier Edition, but partnerships like these may very well open the door for full-scale adoption of Google Enterprise products in the future.

To learn more about gadgets, go to the Google code site.


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