Social Networking for Moms?

Disney says Yes! MarketingVOX reports that Disney is launching as one-stop site for parenting information. The target audience..of moms. The site includes social networking features that allows users to build profiles and connect with other users. The site which hasn’t gone live yet is catering to the growing number of Internet moms, who are going online for all their information needs. The report says:

The site’s content and look and feel have been developed over the last year based on surveys of 30,000 mothers.

AP newswire reports that the site will also allow user-generated-content (wikipedia-style) and this marks a significant departure from the past where Disney has typically exerted considerable control over its content and brand. Credibility is a huge issue when it comes to any parenting site, but since it’s a Disney site, it is much more likely to attract a huge audience. Disney also recently revamped its official website recently to make it more interactive.


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