Social media politicking

As election 2008 draws closer, presidential hopefuls are flocking to the web and MySpace has added a political channel to its wildly popular site to help them out.

USA Today reports,

MySpace, the largest Internet social network, said Sunday it has launched a politics channel ahead of the 2008 U.S. presidential elections. The News Corp.-owned site’s politics site, called the Impact Channel, will feature links to the profiles of 10 presidential candidates — five Democrats and five Republicans.

When News Corp bought MySpace in 2005, it was with the primary intention of attracting the young fickle audience and that play has paid off. With an estimated traffic of over 60million unique visitors (according to comScore ) MySpace is a great avenue for political aspirants to connect with the net-savvy politically-apathetic young adult population.



I don’t know if the number of friends means anything, but according to their profile:

Barack Obama has 69064 friends
Hillary Clinton 2008 has 29358 friends.
John Edwards has 13863 friends.
Rudolph Giuliani for president!! has 1232 friends.
Mitt Romney has 1085 friends.
Joe Biden has 870 friends.
Dennis Kucinich has 727 friends.
Duncan Hunter in 2008 has 431 friends.
Ron Paul 2008 has 428 friends.

Now if only, they could figure out a way to convert these into real votes…


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