Flirting in a Web 2.0 world

Om Malik of GigaOm recently reviewed the new mobile service, Iamlikewithyou. The concept in brief is very simple – you get points when you sign up for the service, which you can use to bid/woo any gal of your choice. If you’ve picked a real hottie, chances are that others are going to be bidding on the same gal as well, so in the end – may the savviest bidder win.

I don’t quite buy this part,

It also has anonymous calling features built into the service, again giving the ladies control over who can talk to them, without giving out their phone numbers.

One of the reasons this service is going to be successful is because it puts ladies in charge. A lot of my friends have said that they are sick and tired of getting emails from guys, which are obviously canned and rote. They all currently use the traditional dating sites, and were quite thrilled by the prospect of Iminlikewithyou.

As it’s set up currently, only men get to bid on women and not vice-versa. If I get to bid on someone, I can see the fun in that, but how does someone bidding on me, put me in charge? In short, I don’t like the whole bidding on women part of it, being a self-professed feminist and everything. I would have liked it a whole lot better, if women got to bid on men they want to flirt with as well. 🙂

Iminlikewithyou is a service for the Facebook generation, and its easy integration with Facebook tips their hand on which demographic they are focusing.

Judging by the crowd hounding Om for invites to this service, that’s still in closed beta stage, it sounds like a big hit, at least with the 20-something and even the thrill-seeking older (poser) crowd. There’s something about the thrill of flirting over a new media that makes it a bit more sexy and much less tacky. Sounds a bit like Twitter, maybe?!


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