John Moore asks what must Starbucks do?

In February, John Moore, a former marketing guru at Starbucks, enlisted the help of his Brand Autopsy blog readers and Starbucks customers to suggest ways in which Starbucks can do to reclaim its uniqueness. At the heart of this passionate discussion was the highly-publicized leaked memo from Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz, who expressed concern about "commoditization of the Starbucks brand".

Growing revenues while staying true to your core is challenging for any company, especially for companies under the intense scrutiny of Wall Street. Given my passion for B2B marketing, I typically stay away from consumer products but John’s blog is as addictive as his caffeine-laced projects (perhaps more) and the discussion topics are very intriguing, so I decided to contribute my $.02 as well.

Here is a link to John’s eBook "What Must Starbucks do", which is a compilation of ideas from readers recommending changes that Starbucks must make in order to "reclaim its soul".



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