Dating in Web 2.0 World

Okay, so we talked about what’s coming down the pipeline for flirting, let’s talk good ol’ fashioned dating. Social networking sites like MySpace, FaceBook, Orkut are giving the traditional online dating sites a run for the money.

eMarketer says,

..the success of MySpace and Facebook has invigorated the market for social networking sites targeting people beyond the high school and college crowds…60% of MySpace users are now 25 and older.

My friend Dave, a 40year old athlete, artist, and successful marketer, recently went on a date with someone who found him on MySpace. His MySpace account has some very cool pictures, his profile, his favorite music, links to his friends, activities, and so on.

Many of my single friends in the age group 30+ find online dating sites tacky. Sites like MySpace are very appealing because they make it easier to meet like-minded singletons without the expectations associated with the traditional dating channels.

AP reports,

In some ways, having a social networking page, or pages, has become the new calling card. It’s a way for people to check out photos and find out what they have in common, even when they’ve already met in person.

That was the case for Brad White, a 23-year-old recent college grad in Chicago, who met his current girlfriend through friends at a bar and immediately looked her up on Facebook. "The commonality of our music taste and friends is what prompted me to ask her out," White says, "obviously, besides the attraction."

Having something (in common) to talk about definitely helps in that all-awkward first meeting  and increases the likelihood for a successful long-term relationship. But as my friend Dave says, there’s no pressure and even if it doesn’t work out, so what…you might still end up with someone interesting to hang out with.


2 responses to “Dating in Web 2.0 World

  1. Thank you for the great article. I am trying to build a free dating site. I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing it and giving me some suggestions or tips. We could realy use the help and your advice would realy be usefull. Since we are still designing the site we can easily impliment changes. The site is opporational and people are free to sign up and use our service. Thank you for your time,

    Mike Stone

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you liked the article.
    Sure, I’ll take a look at your site and let you know what I think. I also received some additional comments on MySpace and dating scene. I will post those here in a few days and you might find those useful when you’re designing your site. Good luck!



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