SV New Tech (Web 2.0) Meetup

Last week, I was at the Silicon Valley New Tech meetup. First of all, I can’t stop raving about the Meetup site, which is a great way to connect with other like-minded folks. The site lets you put together groups and organize events. Very neat concept and definitely one of the top Web 2.0 sites out there.

The SV New Tech meetup is a great place to see demos of the latest technologies and these days, that typically means Web 2.0 technologies. The group founder, Vincent Lauria (Vinnie) has done a phenomenal job lining up the coolest technologies in the valley, so it’s no wonder these events are quickly sold out with over 130 attendees at the last meetup.

Here are three new technology ventures featured in the last meetup:

* – mapping the social capital of the venture capital [Bradley Cohen]

LinkSViewer is (as the name suggests) a viewer. It graphically shows you the links/relationships between the various movers and shakers in the Silicon Valley – who’s funding which company, which VCs are connected to which IPOs etc. It’s basically a mashup that uses data from LinkSV and maps it to show the various networks and relationships connecting the various nodes in the database.

Very cool, but there is no compelling value proposition ie. why would someone pay to use it? The company is still working on its revenue model, which most likely will be subscription. I think the figure mentioned was $50/month. The company is also exploring more uses for its technology. It can work with any database and although, LinkSViewer would love to get their hands on Linkedin database, it seems Linkedin is very protective of its member database, as they should be.

* – project management 2.0 – Get Things Done [Andrew Filev]

Wrike is a web-based project management system, which makes it easy to collaborate on projects without having to download any software. Positioned as halfway between Bootcamp and MS project by founder, Andrew Filev, this project management technology has a lot of potential. It’s simple to use and currently, it’s free but that can soon change, once Wrike figures out its sweet spot.

* – social annotiation, share your corner of the web [Wade Ren]

Although, founder Wade Ren did have some technical difficulties with his presentation, I thought  Diigo was the coolest tool of all. It has received tremendous amounts of publicity and has clearly positioned itself as top research tool. Diigo allows users to bookmark, highlight, add sticky notes to interesting information online and share it with others. Currently, Diigo is free to all users but in future, the revenue model will be a mix of ad-supported services, supplemented by subscription-based premium services.


2 responses to “SV New Tech (Web 2.0) Meetup

  1. Quick addition – this is Brad from GroupScope (the LinkSViewer product). Our price point is going to be $20 per month, (the $50 refers to a bundle deal with a membership as well). In terms of value, it’s a great way to quickly cross-reference the relationships and connections of the companies and people whose names may be coming across your desk – and at it’s price point, only really needs to save you an hour a month… of course, if you don’t deal with these names very often, the value isn’t necessarily there 🙂 – Brad

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the additional information and clarification. Just to be clear, I am not knocking the value of your product, it’s a cool tool, no doubt. I see potential in licensing it, but not sure if anyone would be willing to pay to use it (subscription). But then again, you know your target market better than I do 🙂

    Here’s a similar mashup that I came across recently, it maps similar products bought on Amazon –



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