Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup

This month’s Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup had a huge turnout (standing room only) and a phenomenal lineup of new tech presenters. Here are some details on this week’s lineup,

Rateitall is an opinion network, where users can rate the sites/people of their choice and earn cash for various activities on the site. Lawrence Coburn, the founder of RIA (not to be confused with RIAA), demonstrated a neat little widget (still in beta) that lets your site visitors rate your site or you. The RIA rating is not based on individual postings or news items(like Digg) but on the entire site or topic or even person. The cool thing is that not only do you see the ratings on your site, they are also displayed on the RIA site, thereby driving more traffic to your site. is a new network for advanced discussions ie. tricked out discussions with video, audio, graphics, etc. The advantage of Tangler over other Internet forums is having all your discussions in one place and making it easy to link conversations. It is not trying to compete with Yahoo! groups or other forums. It has positioned itself as a place where companies can host their beta products and get them tested. The site makes it very easy to include graphics, videos and you have to be a member to use, which helps to keep out the riff-raff. is touted as the Google for travel. It’s a travel search engine with an interesting twist. It searches travel suppliers and carrier sites (excluding Southwest) in United States and around the world, so you don’t have to scour millions of sites trying to find the best deal. The site is absolutely free, it generates revenues from the carriers and advertising. Another significant differentiator for Mobissimo is it’s ability to find you the best deals based on your chosen activity. For example: If you are interested in beaches, Mobissimo will find you all the deals (air, hotel, car) for beaches around the world. You can even search by your favorite wine, just select wine-tasting in the activity form, put riesling in the key word search and voila, it brings up all the places, local and international that offers Riesling wine tasting. How cool is that?! is a neat little tool that ‘fetches’ posts to your browser on whatever you are interested in and browsing for. The Rovr tray slides in on the side showing summaries of the posts it finds. You can read the posts right there without going to the blog. It even lets you twitter any page you are on. If you are a blogger, you can add a BlogRovr chiclet to let readers add you to their Rovr subscriptions.

All in all, quite a stellar group of ventures. These companies use a mix of subscription fees and contextual advertising to generate revenues. Most of them are already revenue-generating and even profitable.


One response to “Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup

  1. Nice summary Mia. I found it interesting that a recurring theme among each of the four presenters was how each was racing to become a distributed service. Mobissimo through a browser extension, Tangler through Bizdev, BlogRovr through a download, and RateItAll through widgets.

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