Tech news roundup

After my third move in 6 months (yes, you read that right), there’s no doubt any more that Bay area is going to be my home for a while. In the Internet age, a few weeks is an eternity. Here’s a round-up of some interesting happenings while I was busy lugging boxes:

eBay Live! (wicked awesome!!)
eBay:Google faceoff (no comments ;))
Terry Semel steps down as Yahoo!CEO (about time)
– Google buys Grand Central Communications (Skype-killer, hmm…)
– Secondlife is in news again, this time with copyright lawsuits by its members, who also happen to be purveyors of virtual sex beds (believe it or not!)

And last but not the least – the much anticipated launch of iPhone, which shushed all naysayers who claimed the device was just a figment of Steve Job’s imagination. The only drawback so far seems to be choice of AT&T as the exclusive carrier but apparently, even this isn’t an issue for some savvy hackers out there.


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