Buzz about nothing? Here come Twitter Color Wars

I think ‘nothing’ is waaaaaay underrated. Think about it, Seinfeld made it big despite being a show about..well..nothing. Twitter is yet another tribute to our obsession with feckless entertainment. The techno-crowd is going ga-ga over the Color Wars, where you pick your ‘color team’ and join them in an online ‘war’. Their first challenge? Take a picture of yourself throwing either rock, paper, or scissor. Yeah, I know..words fail me.

The frentic pace of the net is energizing but it’s also creating an era of paranoia – blink and you might just miss the next big nothing. In the spirit of not getting left behind on meaningless-phenomenon-that-might-snowball-into-something-big, Mashable has finally endorsed verygreenteam for the Twitter Color Wars, which they lovingly describe as,

"..the shortest-lived web fad since the Star Wars Kid team"

It’s simply fascinating that a site/utility like Twitter (which still hasn’t figured out a way to monetize) has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. The Twitteratis flexed some serious muscle during Sarah Lacy’s trainwreck of an interview with Facebook’s Zuckerberg at SXSW, when they rallied to take control of an interview gone bad. Twitter has tremendous potential for creating big-time buzz (and organizing) over political candidate, new product, war protest, or over just plain old-fashioned nothing like… Color Wars

So, while you peruse the latest happenings on this non-event at  Mashable’s Twitter page, I am off to burn some serious threadmill rubber before I go all soft and mushy fighting virtual wars on my laptop 😉


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