What’s up with the online dating scene?

During my stays in 5 different states in the last 10 years, I have made some wonderful friends, many of whom happen to be single. Recently, I’ve been following my buddy Dave’s experience with the various online dating sites. After being on eHarmony for many months, he didn’t have much luck so he decided not to renew his account and try some other site such as Match.com. However, he noticed that when it came time for (not) renewing his eHarmony account, he would get a flurry of new activity on his account.

At first, he was surprised (pleasantly) and but being the sharp marketer that he is, the warm and fuzzy feeling didn’t last very long. The reason for the sudden spike in interest was thanks to what eHarmony calls ‘flexible’ match, which essentially means the site was throwing everyone, who even remotely resembled Dave’s preferences, at him. In Dave’s own words,

"I have mixed feelings about it, on a personal level I feel at times like they are giving me false hope and keeping me hanging. However, on the other hand, I have to admire their marketing savvy. They did succeed in keeping me on the site longer."

I would love to get confirmation of this innovative marketing from eHarmony and wonder how many other sites use similar techniques to retain their users. 


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