Want to drive more traffic to your blog?

Here’s one neat way to drive more traffic to your blog, become a guest blogger on another blog that already has the traffic. One of my favorite bloggers, Tony of Deepjiveinterests is planning a brief hiatus and is looking for guest bloggers.

This morning, I noticed a post on Patrick Curl’s blog inviting guest bloggers ie. aspiring bloggers looking to drive traffic to their blogs. I’ve never read this blog before but it offers interesting content for aspiring bloggers including "7 ways to be best buds with an A-list blogger".

Here’s his offer in a brief, write a (guest) blog post for him and he might publish it with a link to your blog and also give you an "Intense Blog Review" (apparently worth $40). If your post doesn’t make the cut, he’ll still give you some coverage through a 1-paragraph review of your post. Why should you write for him? Here’s what he has to say,

This blog is about to break the 100 subscribers mark. I have 1400 followers on twitter, and 600 friends on friendfeed who will see each post. This blog gets 1000 hits per day(at least it has been for the past 2 weeks.) My alexa ranking hasn’t caught up since the traffic is new, but it will catch up, very quick.

For the curious and the aspiring, check out rest of his offer on his blog. Good luck! 🙂


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