Is Techcrunch the Rainmaker of the online world?

I found this hilarious – Techcrunch speculated and then later confirmed that the only technology behind TagCow’s photo-tagging service was NO technology, ie. humans. Even while they were being mocked, TagCow was gloating (why not?!) about being ‘Techcrunched’ on their site, apparently there is no thing as bad publicity, even in the online world.


I am in awe of the tremendous influence that Techcrunch wields in the online world and the potential impact it can have on a fledgling site’s success. No amount of money can buy the kind of traffic that Techcrunch can drive to your site and if your site crashes because of the unexpected humongous spike in traffic – it seems to be a badge of honor (still don’t get how creating a bad customer experience can be a good thing). However, that’s huge publicity, it’s powerful, and most of all, it’s FREE.

What Michael Arrington, the founder and co-editor, says does matter but whether it means the ‘Techcrunched’ site will continue to be successful once the herd moves on to the next ‘big thing’ is anyone’s guess.


2 responses to “Is Techcrunch the Rainmaker of the online world?

  1. Techcrunch simply has the largest (or one of them) megaphones in the tech echo chamber, but the next new/new thing is likely to come quietly from somewhere else. It will be tech enabled, that is leverage technology in a big way, but it won’t come the tech industry. The focus is shifting to creative uses of technology as opposed manufacturers IMHO. This is what Doc Searls calls the “because of” factor, and I believe he has it right, again.

  2. Hi Carlos!
    Great point! Yes, you’re right. I am sure someone out there is working on the next ‘big’ thing and it may not even be featured on any of the major tech blogs. Recently, I’ve noticed that the bigger blogs are engaged in a fierce contest where the focus is more on cranking out more stories per day rather than the quality of the posts/ventures. To your point, it doesn’t matter where the technology comes from, the winners will always been the ones who come up with a way to leverage that technology in an effective manner and hopefully monetize it as well 🙂 Thanks for the great comment!

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