Wow, I got Louisgrayed today! :-)

Wowza, what a day!

I got up this morning and out of sheer habit, the first thing I did was to look at my feedstats (yes, I know it’s a disease). I noticed byteloads of traffic coming to my blog, so I was surprised..pleasantly 🙂 

That’s when I realized that Louis Gray, one of my fav bloggers, whom I’ve been following on Friendfeed, added my name to 5 blogs that he recommends. Holy Guacamole!! How neat is that?! Here are the other 4 blogs on his list.

Charlie Anzman / SEO and Tech Daily (
Focus: SEO, Analytics, Web 2.0
Recent Highlight: The A-list just changed and you’re on it
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Hutch Carpenter / I’m Not Actually a Geek (
Focus: RSS, Facebook, Social Networking
Recent Highlight: The Best Blogs You’re Not Reading? Toluu Knows
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Eric Berlin / Online Media Cultist (
Focus: Twitter, TechMeme, Online Media
Recent Highlight: What I Learned Friday Night on Twitter
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Carlo Maglinao / TechBays (
Focus: Google, RSS, LinkedIn
Recent Highlight: Ten Power Tips on Facebook Usage
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The blogosphere is chockfull of amazing folks that I probably will never meet, but it’s great to have your work noticed by someone you actually admire. So, thanks for making my day, Louis!


3 responses to “Wow, I got Louisgrayed today! :-)

  1. You’re welcome. Much deserved. Now, you’ll have to keep doing a good job, so I don’t look bad!

    Also… I want to know how much your RSS #’s go up day over day. That’d be awesome to find out.

  2. Hi there Louis! 🙂
    I was pondering over the weekend whether I was adding any value or just adding more noise to the blogosphere, so your mention was very well-timed and just the impetus that I needed. I am still refining my style and want to generate more quality content. I am working on it and I will make you look good 🙂
    I got over 200 unique visitors within hours of your mention and my subsciber base has doubled since, which was very cool. I will keep you posted!
    Thanks again!!!!

  3. Hey Mia –

    That was really great, wasn’t it? I had a similar experience Monday morning. The blog hits were a lot higher than normal, and the leading referring site was You click that, and it’s like ‘whoa!’, did he really write that? A lot of fun.

    Looking forward to reading your blog in my Google Reader.


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