Entrepreneurs, get ready for TiEcon 2008

I am looking forward to the TiEcon 2008 in May. Organized by TiE – The Indus Entrepreneurs and touted as "the World’s Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs!", it offers leading-edge speaker sessions, entrepreneurship bootcamps, insightful panel discussions, and terrific networking with fellow entrepreneurs and VCs. Last year’s event was fantastic and this year should be even better.

While, I think both the websites are very circa 2000 and should be optimized to make them more ‘social/web 2.0-friendly’, I have to admit that I really like their marketing this year.

Here’s an email I received from them. It’s personalized and it’s from an entrepreneur who was successful in raising money at TieCon 2007. I think this email is a great example of how to use WOM. It’s obvious that TiE understands its audience and that’s a newbie entrepreneur. What do you think a fledgling venture is most concerned about? Bingo! The email’s not from some admin or event-planning monkey (no offense to the organizers). This came from a living, breathing, and (most importantly) funded entrepreneur, now that’s more powerful than any marketing spin.


I’ve blogged about some of the panels from TieCon 2007, in case you want to check them out before you decide.

Web 2.0 – Redefining How We Live and Socialize Online and Offline 

Building and Monetizing online communities 

Here’s an interview with Meg Whitman, ex-CEO of eBay, who was the Keynote speaker at TieCon 2007 (Warning: poor video quality)

13year old Entrepreneur looking for funding


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