I don’t get it…

I switched my blog over to WordPress from Typepad in June after being seriously frustrated with a variety of issues with that platform. And yet, the Technorati authority for my Typepad blog has gone from 7 to 12 in that time frame, while my WordPress blog authority is languishing at 6. Why is that?

Why is MS Office Live site down this morning? grrr..

Why can random people on Orkut leave me ‘scraps’ and view my feeds, but I can’t leave them a post unless we are connected? Shouldn’t access work (or not) work both ways?

Why does Namyz keep sending me ‘stalker’ reports telling me someone has looked at my profile, given that I haven’t even bothered to update my profile on there, do I really care?

And lastly, why is the blog post editing window so tiny for both TypePad and WordPress?

PS: Sorry, Steve..I still haven’t figured out a way to enable full feeds 😦


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