Web 2.0 Expo Sessions Focus on Best Practices in Social Media

webexsf2009_logoThis year’s (non-sponsored) sessions at the Web 2.0 Expo have a heavy focus on the tactical aspects of social media. This is symptomatic of the current state of social media, which has finally moved past gee whiz, with many companies firmly in implementation and learning phase of social media adoption.

There are some quality sessions devoted to healthy introspection of what has worked in the social media space and learnings from those experiences. Here are the sessions on best practices in social media marketing that I am looking forward to attending (more details on these sessions to follow in future posts): 

Why Social Media Marketing Fails – and How To Fix It
Peter Kim (Dachis Corporation), Charlene Li (Altimeter Group), Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester Research)
8.30am Wednesday, 04/01/2009
In order to make social media marketing matter, brands must answer key questions like: – How can companies measure activity? – What about scalability? – Why does our organizational structure prevent participation? This session will propose answers to those questions and attempt to help marketers think through the issues that will make social media marketing matter.

Best Practices in Social Media Integration for Web Publishers and Content Providers
Bob Buch (Digg)
2:40pm Wednesday, 04/01/2009
This session will explore some of the best practices employed by publishers who have been successful in gearing their brands, user experiences, and content toward increasing traffic from social media sites and providing a relevant experience to help engage those users and monetize the traffic.

It’s the People, Stupid
Brian Oberkirch (Small Good Thing), Deborah Schultz (deborahschultz.com)
1:30pm Thursday, 04/02/2009
The most interesting problems on the Web are social, not technical. Once the open, social stack moves into wide use, the real work is going to be on us to create ongoing experiences that inspire, inform, evolve. his session will pay particular attention to what happens after launch, as the presenters think – an attentive to and fro is the intimate secret of success.

Applying the Social Dimension to the Lockheed Martin Mission
Steve Wylie (Techweb), Shawn Dahlen (Lockheed Martin), Christopher Keohane (Lockheed Martin)
2:40pm Friday, 04/03/2009
This is the session I am most interested in attending, since it’s the only session that covers social media deployment in a specific large enterprise. In this session, Lockheed Martin will share the details behind their Unity program (new methodology) and explain their roadmap to assist the IT community in rapidly developing mission-specific applications that leverage their social media investment.

Two more sessions on the Enterprise 2.0 space that also sound interesting:

The Open Enterprise: How Web Tools And Culture Are Remaking Business
Stowe Boyd (The /Messengers), Oliver Marks (Sony PlayStation, )
2:40pm Wednesday, 04/01/2009
This session covers long-term research project starting in November 2008 to examine the impact of Web 2.0 technology and culture on the enterprise: The Open Enterprise 2009 Study & Report. The presenter intends to discuss the motivations for business adoption of Web 2.0 tools and technologies, and the barriers to their adoption; the types of tools and technologies involved; the sorts of investments being made; and the ways Web 2.0 is changing the way business is conducted.

Collaboration at Scale: Why Technology Alone Doesn’t Work
Doug Solomon (IDEO), Gentry Underwood (IDEO)
1:30pm Friday, 04/03/2009
The session will address key principles for maximizing the value of technology in Web 2.0 systems that have been derived from IDEO’s own experiences. The decisions made will be illustrated through actual live demonstrations of how these choices have been implemented in an operational intranet.


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