Why Social Media will not Save Bad Content

I’ve blogged in the past on why social media won’t save your business and I’ll say the same thing about bad content. Social media is powerful in amplifying your messages and increasing the reach of your content BUT, it will not save your bad content.

If your audience didn’t want to read your content when you sent it via email, why presume they’ll read it just because it’s on Twitter? Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you get on the social media band wagon to pitch your content:

#1 Test your content: Experts typically start by asking you to “Create great content”. As if  anyone deliberately creates bad content?! However, the shockingly high levels of bad marketing messages even in this day and age, highlight that many marketers still don’t get the importance of good content. If  your content is uninteresting and irrelevant your customers are NOT going to read it even if it’s on some “cool” social network. Always test your content. Make sure it resonates with your target audience and if your unsubscribe rates are going through the roof, you know you have a problem and it’s probably not the medium.

#2 Be adventurous with different media types: Once you have the “good content” part down, then it’s time to test out different media types because sometimes the wrong media can get in the way of a good message. Test different types of media formats to find the best way to share your content. Podcasts are a great way to connect with an audience that’s always on the move, while short demo videos are highly popular among the tech crowd. Both may be good options depending on your audience, instead of  lengthy documents that no one wants to read. Here again, let your customers lead the way and be fanatical about tracking the viewer/download metrics to see what worked well (or didn’t) for your audience.

#3 Location, Location, Location!  Last but not the least, it’s not just about content and media but also where you place the content is just as critical. If your target audience is on LinkedIn but you post your content on Facebook, don’t be surprised to get low response rates. While millions of folks may share pictures on a specific social network, but that’s not necessarily where they go to find information about your company’s products/services. Wrong messaging on the wrong platform will get you guaranteed mediocre results.

What some marketers tend to overlook, in their enthusiasm to embrace social media, is that there’s no substitute for understanding your customer’s behavior patterns – both online and offline. Knowing what information your customers want and how they want to get it, is the key to successful messaging. Regardless of which social media network you use to promote your content, don’t forget the basics: Make it relevant, make it easy to find, and easy to consume. It’s really as simple as that!


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