Top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2010

Here’s my first blog post for 2010 with my top 5 predictions for how social media will evolve in the new year.

#1 Social media will no longer be just another way of driving buzz but will become an integral part of a company’s marketing mix. As social networks mature, companies too will get smarter about their engagement on social networks and start focusing on the ones most relevant to their target market.

#2 This year, we’ll see social media measurement slowly move from raw metrics such as number of fans/followers to business metrics like brand awareness and customer loyalty.  Engagement metrics will become more important than volume and quality of relationships will trump all.

#3 The number of social media “experts” and related services will continue to grow exponentially but in this world of increased competition, these “experts” will have to prove how their expertise can drive business results.

#4 There will be  an increase in location-based social networks, thanks to the proliferation of smart phones and growing popularity of services like FourSquare, Gowalla, and others.

#5 Last but not the least, we’ll see emergence of new technologies and services designed to help large companies integrate social media activities into their backend processes, be it CRM systems or customer support centers.

Feel free to add your predictions below. Happy new year and decade!! 🙂


3 responses to “Top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2010

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  2. I agree with all your items. I will comment on #1, the move to integrate into the marketing mix.

    I think this will come very slowly overall. I think early adoptors are trying to figure this out now and may have it working late in the year. I the mainstream isn’t there yet and if they start at all in 2010 it will be at the very end.

    • Thanks for the comment, Michael. I agree that it is a slow transition but in 2009, we’ve already seen social media included in the marketing mix for most if not all major consumer brands. While, it may not reach the sophistication of traditional media planning in 2010 (as many social networking sites themselves are still evolving) but for many companies who were testing the waters, this is the year for formalizing their plans.

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